1. We do cater to reconditioning of any type (local/imported) belt driven spindle units ranging from
    1,000 - 30,000 rpm for various applications like grinding, milling, turning, fine boring, testing, drilling etc.
  2. Apart from belt driven spindles we will also take up similar work for Hi - Frequency spindles speed ranging from 10,000 - 90,000 rpm.
  3. All the procedures will be followed similarly to a new spindle development. One of the activity being dynamic balancing of the spindle shaft up to G1 grade.
  4. Condition Monitoring of the unit will be carried out on specific request at your site.
  5. We do have spare capacity for plano milling, boring and precision grinding jobs.

When your spindle requires servicing

We recommend that the spindle unit along with accessories to be sent to us for dismantling and assessing the cause of failure and the content of work involved.

The special high precision bearings used are particularly sensitive to correct fitting and absolute cleanliness is essential to obtain satisfactory results.

Spindles received for servicing have the same attention as the new ones and are subjected to the same tests after assembly.